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A stylish and innovative urban raincoat for enjoying the outdoors in all weather conditions. Enjoying the rain and enjoying life are now synonymous!

Important! Are you are going to be wearing an anorak under the VeStorm? The sizes shown below are calculated to accommodate the under wearing of a second layer such as a thick jumper or softshell. The Vestorm in this case is calculated as the third layer. If you think you will be wearing another layer, such as an anorak it would make, the Vestorm, in effect the forth layer. In this case we advise that you select a Vestorm, one size larger.

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How to select a size if wearing an anorak beneath. The table below is a quick guide to selecting the right size of Overak for your use.

Once you have taken measurements on your person between A, B and C, as indicated in the diagram, check these against the corresponding measurements as seen in the size chart.

In case that your  measures A,B,C on the table are not the same , i.e: the chest measurement indicates that you need to select an S, the height measurement indicates that you need an M.

We suggest that the order of priority to find your exact size is as follows:

  • Size of the chest B
  • Size of the height A
  • Size C of the sleeve.

If in any doubt please contact our customer care on shop@overak.com



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