George Diaz

George Diaz


As a fashion professional, the design of the Overak raincoat has been a real challenge.

My role in this project was to help develop a garment that had a existing structure, design, form and shape developed by the Textile Engineering team. My job was to adapt it and turn it into a fashionable garment that could be a perfect fit for demanding urban customers.

Solving its numerous innovative technical features and marrying them with its original design has proved both testing and rewarding.

How to integrate the Flexhold system of zippers into the garment, how the Domehold Hood could seamlessly adapt to accommodate both helmet and non-helmet use, how it could accommodate the under wearing of bulky clothes and the size and positioning of the reflective security piping, have been a few of the technical hurdles we overcame.

I think we have created a garment that has solved each and every one of these challenges. The result, a unique garment that brings together beauty and functionality,  that draws on tradition and also looks to the future for innovation and advances in textile engineering.

For us this is only the beginning with many new ideas and projects already in their developmental phase. Our goal is to create technical garments, ones that are a perfect fit for today’s demanding and hectic life styles; beautiful and sturdy garments that will not only last a lifetime but also stay design timeless.


George Diaz