Vesthold is made up of a team of professionals, experts in the development and manufacture of specialist raincoats for the police, skier trainers and extreme sport enthusiasts. For almost two decades we have worked tirelessly to use our extensive experience in raincoat development and innovation to improve the comfort and protective qualities of everyday raincoats.

In 2014 we decided to create an exceptional raincoat, one that could reflect the innovation and cutting-edge design advances that we had made over many years creating protective garments for professional sportspeople and emergency services.

To this end we brought together the very best experts in textile engineering, specialists in fabrics, such as Goretex, designers, psychologists and innovators. A team whose sole goal was to bring the best ideas to the market.

Working at Vesthold is a daily creative pleasure where we strive for excellence. We make no concession with quality or the exceptional details of our products, to the point that you could say are obsessive. Our customer, their comfort and confidence in us is what drives us to better ourselves and our products.

Selecting the best materials, from the best European produces the highest quality in raincoat design and manufacture is what sets us apart and why we keep striving for improvement.

Driven less by financial concerns and more by problem solving enthusiasm, listening to professionals and getting feedback, we have created and tested and overcome many technical obstacles to bring what we proudly believe to be, one of the best raincoats on the market.